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Danubius Health Spa Resort Hévíz

In the heart of Hévíz, the four-star Danubius Health Spa Resort Hévíz is only 500 m away from Lake Hévíz. The hotel is awaiting guests with 210 rooms (203 double rooms and 7 suites) with air-condition and a wide range of spa, wellness, fitness and beauty services.

"Tradition, experience and expertise"

    • In picturesque green surroundings, 5 minutes’ walk from the largest natural thermal lake in Europe.
    • Perfect place for relaxation, wellness, beauty and medical treatments and de-stress programmes with doctors and lifestyle specialists.
    • In tune with nature: national certified thermal water and unique Hévíz mud.
    • Kick off your shoes and go for a swim in the 200 m2 hydro pool with underwater music and light effects.

Spa, Wellness, Fitness

  • Indoor thermal bath with 2 pools (33 and 37 °C), swimming pool, hydro pool with underwater music and light effects, outdoor thermal pool with sun terrace (from mid April to mid October), jacuzzi, steam room, hot-air bath, sauna, log sauna in the garden.
  • Therapy and Wellness Centre.
  • Danubius Premier Fitness: fitness room with modern facilities.
  • Emporium Wellness & Beauty: cosmetic treatments, spa and wellness massages, Thai massage, manicure, pedicure, hairdresser, solarium.
  • Qi Gong, yoga, aqua fitness, morning and fitness group exercise, hiking, cycling, table-tennis, Nordic walking education. Nearby tennis courts, football pitch, riding facilities.

Danubius Health Spa Resort Aqua

The four-star Danubius Health Spa Resort Aqua which can be found only away from Lake Hévíz. Central Europe's largest lake, Lake Balaton, is just away. It's awaiting guests with a large variety of cure, wellness and fitness programs.
ALL-INCLUSIVE PROGRAMME is provided in Danubius Health Spa Resort Aqua.

"Total spa relaxation"

  • The first "all-inclusive" spa and wellness hotel in Hévíz, next to the famous thermal lake.
  • Pampering and relaxation utilising the lake's mineral-rich thermal water and revitalising mud.
  • Choose from an impressive "all-inclusive" menu selection that focuses on a healthy lifestyle.
  • Happy children mean relaxed parents! Lovely pool area, paddling pool, playroom, spacious green park, action-packed entertainment programme.

Spa, Wellness, Fitness

  • 200m2 hydro-pool with indoor and outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, massage shower, underwater body massage, geyser and waterfalls, indoor thermal pool, outdoor swimming pool (from mid April to mid October), sauna, Kneipp tread-basin (from mid April to mid October).
  • Therapy and Wellness Centre.
  • Dental clinic.
  • Fitness room, sun-terrace, solarium.
  • Beauty salon, pedicure, manicure.
  • Paddling pool and activities for children (in the summer months), playground, play room, highchair, cot, etc.
  • Numerous recreation opportunities (aqua fitness, morning and fitness group exercise, hiking, cycling,
    table-tennis, Nordic walking), nearby tennis courts, football pitch, riding facilities.

Park Hotel Hévíz

The three star Park Hotel Hévíz is located directly above the vibrant pedestrian area of the town and is situated in a quiet and peaceful environment, only 200 m from the thermal lake of Hévíz. The neighbouring Danubius Health Spa Resort Hévíz provides their treatment programmes and the use of their water world at a uniquely favourable discount for the hotel’s guests.

" Healing relaxation in a family atmosphere "

  • Located in the heart of Hévíz, directly above the vibrant pedestrian streets of the town, situated in a quiet and peaceful environment next to wooded parkland
  • Only 200 m from the largest medicinal warm water lake in Europe
  • A homely comfortable hotel of two villas connected by a glass corridor, fully restored in 2001
  • Enjoy relaxation and regeneration in the wellness studio of the hotel (sauna, bubble bath)
  • Traditional bath cures and medical treatment at the neighbouring Danubius Health Spa Resort Hévíz**** only 100 m from  Park Hotel Hévíz***, as well as in the Bath Hospital in Hévíz

Wellness, Fitness

Wellness-studio: bubble bath, sauna.
The neighbouring Danubius Health Spa Resort Hévíz**** provides free entry as part of certain offers to its Water world (covered and open pools, medicinal pool, sauna, steam room).

Medical Treatments

The neighbouring Danubius Health Spa Resort Hévíz**** provides traditional bath treatments and comprehensive treatment programmes with exclusive discounts.
The medical services provided by the Hévíz Bath Hospital are available to guests of Hotel Park Hévíz.

Tips & Trips

  • Relish the city’s highlights – its thermal springs, its fine spa architecture and historical sights, its lively cultural events and festivals, its pleasant parks and rich wildlife, and its excellent Hungarian restaurants.
  • Pay a visit to the 13th-century Romanesque church at Egregy and the surrounding picturesque vineyards, before taking a village walk in the shade of white alders.
  • Sample a refreshing glass or two of the local wine in an atmospheric hillside cellar.
  • Admire the imposing neo-Baroque Festetics Palace, which is one of the country’s best-preserved aristocratic mansions.
  • Trawl Hévíz aboard a miniature train, one of the nicest ways to see the sights.
  • Take a trip to the 14th-century ruins of Rezi Castle, and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the stunning scenery from the peak of its dolomite mountain.
  • Explore Kis Balaton National Park, a protected wetland that harbours thousands of nesting birds, and is a haven for bird watchers and anglers alike.
  • Take to the water with a romantic cruise on Lake Balaton, affectionately known as the ‘Hungarian sea’.

Location of Hévíz
13 km from Fly Balaton Airport, from Budapest Airport, from Vienna Airport and Bratislava Airport.

Approach to Hévíz from abroad
From direction Vienna-Sopron: leaving the A1 motorway following the A3 to Eisenstadt, the driver arrives at the boarder of Sopron. From here the road 84 leads trough Ukk and Sümeg to Balatonederics. Direction west, following the highway 71, crossing Keszthely, Héviz can be reached.

From Slovenia: from Lendava/ Lenti take highway 75.

From Croatia: on the highway E71 is the city to be reached.

By airplane: only from "Fly Balaton" Airport operating in Sármellék, which receives scheduled and charter flights as well. Upon individual request the airport provides rental car and buses and transports its passenger to a destination. Those arriving to Budapest-Ferihegy can reach the city of Héviz directly by scheduled buses. 

Approach to Hévíz from inland
From Budapest by car: on M7 motorway till Balatonkeresztúr, from there through Keszthely direction Hévíz.

From Pécs by car: on highway 66 till Kaposvár – on 67 till Fonyód – from there following the southern coasts trough Keszthely till Hévíz.

From Szeged by car: on highway 5 till Bátaszék – through Bonyhád till Dombóvár – from there on highway 61 till Böhönye – then through Marcali and Keszthely till Hévíz.

Traveling by train: Hévíz does not have any direct railway connection. Passengers can reach the city from the two nearest railway stations, Keszthely and Balatongyörök by bus.

GPS coordinates of Hévíz: 46°, N, 17°, O

Hungary’s national currency is the forint (HUF). You will get around 300 forints to a pound (GBP), 200 forints to a dollar (USD) and 270 forints to an euro (EUR). By far the most convenient, and by no means most expensive, way to change money is to draw it out at a cash machine using your debit card. ATMs can be found all over Hungary, and there is one at the airport. Most large restaurants and shops accept credit cards (AMEX, VISA, JCB, Euro/Mastercard).

Local time is GMT +1 (GMT +2 between the last Sunday in March and the Saturday before the last Sunday in October).

Electrical current is 230 volts, 50 Hz. European-style two-pin plugs are standard.

Hungarian (Magyar) is the official language, but German is widely spoken. English is spoken in tourist areas and in most of the hotels.

In Hungary in general tip is not included in the price as a service fee. Waiters should be handed the cash, rather than have it left on the table. Most people in the service industry expect to be tipped about 10 to 15%.


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